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>25 Years of Gay and Bi Men Making New Friends for Life . . .




Here’s hoping that everyone in our group had a great Halloween and kept the traditions of that hallowed GLBT holiday that we’ve inherited from those before us. This time of year brings us together as the worlds of the past - present - future, and the veils separating the realms and times, are at their thinnest. And so we focus on all we have in common.

Thanksgiving extends this focus and lets us recall all the blessings we have and ARE, for others and ourselves, both past and present. We remember the true meaning of the holiday and will not let ourselves get dragged down by the temporary abandonment of true spiritual caring and actions, even if some parts of our culture and our nation have fallen under a cloud of selfishness, hate, and fear. Their ascendancy is but a passing phase, and our community will persist and thrive in the face of attacks by these worst elements of the dominant religion who have forsaken their spirituality to embrace hate and prejudice.

We have the duty to vote this November, and to be knowledgeable and stalwart in upholding the true values of our community: freedom, diversity, and dignity. There are some LGBT folks running for office here in Metro Seattle and Washington State, and even more true allies.  We are blessed to live in a progressive city, county, state, and region where many share our values.  Likewise, there are forces against us who are dangerous and who tell lies daily. Your votes are an essential shield we have against such opponents. So, VOTE!

We will soon begin the winter holidays to celebrate peace and goodwill, to seek merriment and joy. Let us honor all these positive values in our daily lives. Please join us for the numerous programs and activities of Prime Timers, Mature Friends, the neighborhood LGBT senior groups in the city and suburbs, and in the blossoming GenPride and other groups by and for LGBT seniors.

Let us also remember the informal ties that bind us to other LGBT and other supportive (straight, but not narrow) folks. Despite the creepy nastiness of many of our detractors, we are flourishing and carrying on!

Dennis Milam