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Happy Winter Holidays!

Joyous Winter Solstice!
Happy Chanukah!
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!

Whichever of these holidays you celebrate (and I celebrate all of them) may you and yours have a wonderful season of light, joy, and peace. May love be your gift to give and receive, and peace your path and journey.

We can celebrate the great victory of the forces of equality and freedom won in the recent elections. The forces of hate, bigotry, and anti-LGBT equality sustained a huge loss, with the restoring of the House to a pro-equality majority in control. Our enemies suffered big losses in much of the country and here in Washington State and the other Pacific states our supporters increased their control. While the forces of nasty and mean-spirited anti-democracy and hateful prejudice, disguised as a corruption of religion, are still with us, they are weakened.

Our Prime Timers chapter has grown with a number of active new members with strong energy. We have moved into a new facility for our gatherings and are launching some new plans and ideas. The Gen-Pride group of activists and other groups are sponsoring meetings, outings, and work toward greater LGBT input into housing and social services for seniors. Seattle and King County  are leaders in this and other regional cities, suburbs, and counties are a part, along with several volunteer and non-profit groups.

Be sure to join us for our annual Winter Holidays catered dinner. See details on Page 5 and 6. We also have many other regular activities such as dining out, potlucks, card games, coffee discussions, rap groups, and outings. Mature Friends members are especially encouraged to join us, as we do your activities. The same goes for the many neighborhood GLBT seniors groups.

                  Have a wonderful Holidays season and we hope to see you at various functions.

 This group is yours!

Dennis Milam