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>25 Years of Gay and Bi Men Making New Friends for Life . . .

Word from the Chairman and Steering Committee

Enjoy August.


Our picnic is this month August 17th. Please RSVP, this really helps with the food planning, and see you at the park.


Our steering committee consist of about six people. We would love to have some visitors to our Steering Committee meeting. We are always open to new faces at our meeting. And we are a very friendly group. John Gilchrist has given us some very valuable input in the past, and is currently unable to continue and we would be happy to have someone or two fill his seat as a member at large.


I try to think about how I ended up where I am, and what I would tell my self when I was in my twenties. And what in life I would do differently. I think of some opportunities I had and I did not choose to take them, and I made some other choices, which, I wish I did not make. This is life.


So this column would not be complete if I did not say something, about what I would love to tell my twenty year old self. I would say embrace change, and follow your passion. I have done this most of my life, and as I write this, I can only think of one other specific item to tell my twenty year old self, which is “You should have worked for Apple, and invested heavily in the Microsoft and Apple stocks.”


I am curious if any of you have any ideas in this area, please tell me next time we are together, and if you want me to share in this column I would be more than happy too.


See you at the next event. The schedule is on the last page along with many other interesting items in our newsletter.


Thanks for reading,

Dave Koeger