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Hi from the Steering Committee,


As I write this, I had to laugh to myself about the title I wrote for last month, about “Personal Growth and New Experiences,” and how I wrote a note to my self to expand on this topic. I think we all have had some new personal experiences. And while we might think what we are experiencing is unique, more than likely it is not, and please share your stories with others.


The Steering Committee made the decision to cancel all of our events for April 2020. Being a social club, and realizing the importance of meeting and being with others this was not an easy decision. And I would always like to say, we made our decision, before the government forced our hand with the data we had available to us. And as Jenny Jenkins put it, “We will make it through this, and by all of us working to keep our distances, we can all look forward to coming together again in the future.”


Once our world returns to its new normal, we will return to our in-person activities. Meanwhile, we are only on physical co-location lock down. So, this is the perfect time to figure out how to talk to other people via other means to still stay connected. So as a team we are creating this month Newsletter to emphasize how to stay connected, without being physically present.


Please reach out to other members and give them a call. And those receiving calls from unknown people please answer. For example, I have my phone set to basically only ring if someone I have known for 20 years calls between 8 AM and 5 PM. I will open that setting up. Or Text people, then they don’t feel obligated to respond immediately. And everyone will treasure a personally written note. I like how one member of our church said, he did not give up anything for Lent, and instead he uses the time to send notes to other people.


We will all talk and meet this month virtually, stay in touch!


Dave Koeger and the Seattle Prime Timers Steering Committee