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Word from the Chairman and Steering Committee


Welcome to July.

Holidays always give me agita. Especially the ones that involve some kind of inspection by the family that we can do a better whatever than you. Except for July Fourth. Growing up, I worked on July Fourth yeah. My family had a stand at a week long event at the Kutztown Folk Festival in Pennsylvania. No family picnics to go to, nothing, it was great. They had a small parade for the Fourth and it was great. Sometimes we saw fireworks and of course we always had to work the next day, that was not so great. The cream filled powered doughnuts were good.

July Fourth is a holiday all of us Americans should celebrate. Our founding fathers with all of their faults and compromises did come up with a system of governance that has allowed for adjustments and changes over time. We should celebrate that we as Americans know the bugs in systems will work out.

Hopefully everyone did something for Pride Month. Please carry on the spirit of embracing diversity and equality. We know it works here in Washington, we have a great place to call home because of our support for diversity in all its forms.

What does this have to do with anything? I do try to diversify my reading library beyond the latest scientific article about derived physical parameters. I have my fair collection of self-help books and other literature. I have always embraced change and diversity. Yet, I notice as things change, they seem to come around to where they were again. Maybe nothing is changing and only our perspective is changing. I will let you think about that.

Our picnic is next month August 17, 2019.

See you at the next event. The schedule is on the Calendar Tab.


Dave Koeger