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Seattle Prime Timers

Seattle Prime Timers Celebrates

>25 Years of Gay and Bi Men Making New Friends for Life . . .

Word from the Chairman and Steering Committee

It seems like spring has arrived in Seattle, or is there another spring snow storm on the way?  I used to live in Vermont where spring ski season keeps getting extended with each snow storm. Spring tends to be the season of renewal and growth when everything comes out of hibernation.


I recently made a trip to visit my mother and father who still lived in a Philadelphia suburb, Doylestown, where they raised their family. A trip to see them, which was supposed to be happy, turned into a celebration of life for my mother as she moved on to a happier place. Being one of the few in the extended family who now lives on the west coast, it turned out to be a good way to see everyone. So thanks, Mom, for getting us all together in your honor. And helping me join the “A parent passed away” club.


As one goes through life, we meet certain criteria to join certain clubs, and have the comradery of others with similar circumstances. Some are more proud of:  driver’s license holder, high school and college graduates, personal physical fitness achievements – completing a Triathlon, and hobby achievements – like building the smallest ship model of the Titanic, Master bridge players, and photographers, that have a large following.


Others show our lack of judgment: first speeding ticket, first divorce, first “F” in a class. Hopefully we learn from these.


And others, we join through no action of our own: death of someone close, losing part of our human functionality.


The whole point of all this is we experience joining the clubs. We grow and learn from experiences of the other club members. We can share our experiences with new members.


At Olympia Pizza we had great food and great hospitality of fellow Prime Timers. If you have a favorite restaurant or event you would like to share with others please let us know, and we can plan a Seattle Prime Timers event around it. While we do have a traditional schedule of events, Dining Out on other nights is a possibility with it getting warmer.  For example, Thursday night at FareStart is a possibility, please let Chuck know if you are interested. .


See you at the next event. The schedule is on the Calendar tab.



Dave Koeger