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Word from the Chairman and Steering Committee


It sometimes takes a while to figure out what to write about. While in college, I would read this columnist two to three days a week. Why couldn’t he write a column every day?

We are all effective at doing many things that are easy for some people and harder for others. I have found that sometimes doing it the easy way gets it done. Yet the journey was not a great experience.

Anyway, as you make your daily choices try going a different way and take on a task that is not easy.

We will have a great Christmas Holiday Party. See you there.

We have many events going on in December, please try to contact the host if you are thinking of going, before the due date, it makes them feel much better. And we understand this is Seattle, there is something great and interesting going on all the time, and we have to make choices.

Thanks for reading,

The Steering Committee