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Word from the Chairman and Steering Committee

Happy New Year to Everyone ! 


We had a great Holiday Party as our December Potluck event. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, and the comfortable atmosphere. Speaking of potlucks, and for help with everyone's planning, the Church does have a full-size kitchen next to the room which we have all taken advantage of. 


We have many choices to make in life, and one that I have been making lately is which event would make me most uncomfortable. Why? - As a personal growth thing. And I have learned a lot from this. Examples being like volunteering for something you know nothing about. Or going someplace you know nothing about. 


For January we have many events and some renamed a bit. To quote Lincoln, we can only make everyone happy some of the time, we can't make everyone happy all the time. Choose an event that you have never been to. 


We do have some new steering committee help coming on board in 2020. We would enjoy an occasional visit from some of our members, and as always we love feedback both good and bad.