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As week eleven starts in Washington State, what else is there to talk about? I figure

“Are we in an ‘Opportunity of a lifetime,’ or ‘Pandemic Time,’ or ‘No Time like Now?’“


We don’t know what day it is or what time of the day, and we get re-directed every which way. And then we find out about how the world around us is changing so fast, we don’t know what just happened or how it might pertain to us. We learn to be realistic and nicer to everyone, and project a message of kindness to everyone we meet. All while doing our best to keep our hopes up and follow everyone’s guidelines and eradicate fear. And as I pick up writing this column from last month.


I have heard numerous phases describing the time we are in, hence the opening paragraph. It is certainly a time for those who can, do and want to change things. It is certainly a time for us to personally reflect on who we are and what we want to do. It is also a time for us to reset if we so choose. Make that call and write that letter you have been agonizing over. A time to re-invent, a time to perhaps take on some additional challenges.


Our current physical isolation will end eventually. As to what that end will be, I am afraid to make any kind of predictions, and I worry sometimes about what I write, sometimes it seems to come true.


As part of expanding our social network, we were thinking of having some discussion groups. The kind of discussions we have around our dinners. Please let us know what you think. I know we have great thinkers in our group. Some of the great questions are: How is this city, country and the world going to dig out of this fiscal mess we are getting ourselves into? What is our new society going to look like? How should our new society look? Or for lighter topics, have you read a good book or seen a good movie lately?


What will tomorrow bring? Our Steering Committee is planning to have our annual picnic. Since it is outside, we should be able to socially distance sufficiently, and we are a small enough group, please attend if you feel you can do so safely. We are planning on having some dinners, and we may need to limit it to five or six at first and repeat the next weekend for others. We are a social club, and this is one way to do it.


And as always, the best to everyone as we do this day by day. Long term we will survive this.


Dave Koeger