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Hi from the Steering Committee!


A lot of interesting things are going on this month. Sunday, March 8th, we return to Daylight Saving Time, and this is important, because our Steering Committee will be at GenPRIDE’s new location, at 12th Ave Arts Bldg 1620 12th Avenue, Seattle WA 98122 - at Near Pine and 12th, just west of Cal Anderson Park. I know we are afraid to go to such an important meeting where we could get a job to do. Sure it would be great to help grow and do something you have never done before. We have a good time and the meeting goes quickly, and it is nice to see how the club is run every month.


I took a look around at other chapters and read their newsletters, to see what our chapters are doing. For a chapter our size we are doing a lot. We can use some new ideas. Check out the Prime Timers World Wide Website, at  And change comes when new faces are added to the mix of people doing a task. Human nature resists change and objects to ideas you might have had adopted in the organization. The self restraint that needs to be exercised to allow positive changes to flourish must be embraced. (The President’s corner from the San Antonio Newsletter Feb/March 2020) .


Speaking of the World Wide Organization, they are looking for a new logo.


We are also going to have three Milestone Birthdays this month at the Potluck on Saturday, March 21. I don’t like to think about another year going by. On the other hand, take a look back and look at all the things that you have accomplished and done. I really enjoy the table discussions, when some of our members mention items they have been a part of. And how proud we all are. We are always open if someone would like to talk about an important event in their life or something they are passionate about.


Our Rap Group, which meets on the fourth Sunday of each month, will be at the new GenPRIDE  Location, at 12th Ave Arts Bldg 1620 12th Avenue, Seattle WA 98122 - at Pine Street on Capitol Hill. The discussion topic will be “What Other Gay Organizations are You Interested In?”


Enjoy the Month!


Dave Koeger and the Seattle Prime Timers Steering Committee