For Mature Gay Men and their Friends

Seattle Prime Timers

Seattle Prime Timers Celebrates

>25 Years of Gay and Bi Men Making New Friends for Life . . .



As the chairman and speaking for the Steering Committee, we would like to invite everyone to join us when you can for our events. We know it can be tough to get up and get out to a restaurant you donít know and meet people. We really donít judge, and everyone has a great story of some kind, about their adventures, places we have visited in common, interesting insights of current events and events in the past.† At the end of the night when the check comes, we all want to start all over again.


Speaking of relationships with people, start with current family-relationships, profession, recreation and dreams.† At any age, we all have some kind of story to tell.


And this is Seattle, there are so many things to do, please share your favorite restaurants, culture events, museum visits with all of us.† We are all interested in hearing about your hobbies and travel.


We have moved our Saturday morning coffee events to the 1st Saturday of each month. This makes it easier to put on your schedule. And all the rest of our events are usually on the same weekends.


Please join us, Spring is coming, please get outside and enjoy the great Spring weather.


Dave Koeger