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Seattle Prime Timers

Seattle Prime Timers Celebrates

>25 Years of Gay and Bi Men Making New Friends for Life . . .

Word from the Chairman and Steering Committee

To carry on the theme of what would I tell my younger self, is the following, you should have started that MBA some time ago. So, I apologize for my lack of availability over the last month. As life goes on, we have to deal with the cards we have.

We have friends and family. It is hoped over time your family becomes as important to you as your friends.

We have a great list of events for September. We will be returning to Plymouth Church for our Pot Lucks. Free Parking and go to the second floor. We will have a short presentation on financial and medical planning. We do have use of the Kitchen.

Please check the calendar for all of our events.

Remember Bob Riopelle will be having a Potluck and Movie at his house.

The Prime Timers Worldwide Convention sill be held in San Antonio, Texas this year. October 29th to November 2nd. There is a link here:

As fall is approaching please think about our steering committee. We have many dedicated members, and many have been doing this job for many years. Please feel free to be our guest one Sunday afternoon as we can use your input.

Thanks for reading,

Dave Koeger and the Steering Committee