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Word from the Chairman and Steering Committee

To carry on the theme of what would I tell my younger self, is the following, you To carry on the theme of what would I tell my younger self, is the following, you should have started that MBA some time ago. So, I apologize for my lack of availability over the last month. As life goes on, we have to deal with the cards we have.


I am doing my best to enjoy the rest of summer and choose wisely from the many events we have going on in Seattle and Washington state.


I had the opportunity to visit Leavenworth, Washington, also known as the Bavarian experience in Washington state. I am not try to do a plug for the location, they go a great job themselves. At first I was really reluctant to make a day trip there, so having some experience with Germany and their food, it seemed to be a place to go to. Upon arrival, it seemed very busy, everything was in English, very tourist-trap oriented and I didn’t hear anyone speaking Bairisch. So, there were plenty of unique shots and decent German food. Meanwhile I applied my business tactics to see how many different groups of people they are marketing to.


They have all the stores, all the food, and all the various ciders and drinks you could imagine. I even saw a bunch of Harley’s come through town. In addition to the commercial district – which even had some not so family-friendly stores. They have camping, a playground, and a river to walk and play in.


So in the end, I was very impressed about this finely tuned consumer cash extraction machine. Usually I am very anxious to leave these kinds of places. They did manage to cater to nearly everyone, and managed to get a decent sum of cash out of me.


We have a great list of events for October.  Check them out on the last page Calendar of Events.


The Prime Timers Worldwide Convention will be held in San Antonio, Texas this year. October 29th to November 2nd. There is a link here:


As fall is approaching please think about our steering committee. We have many dedicated members, and many have been doing this job for many years. We thank Mac for coming this month. Thank you.


Thanks for reading,


Dave Koeger and the Steering Committee