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Seattle Prime Timers

Seattle Prime Timers Celebrates

>25 Years of Gay and Bi Men Making New Friends for Life . . .

Word from the Steering Committee



Thanks to all of you who sent in your dues and renewed for another year of Seattle Prime Timers!  And thanks too to our new Chairman Dave Koeger who stepped up courageously to take the reins of the Club notwithstanding a demanding professional life.  Also many thanks to the rest of our members who serve on the Steering Committee, and those who have hosted events.


Without our active members there would be no club.  It’s a simple fact that the more you put into the club, the more you get out of it. 


One of our members used to complain to me that he had “nothing in common” with the men in our club.  But as the years have unfolded he truly has come to see the fact that his only friends at this point in life are those he’s made through Seattle Prime Timers.


As stated in prior newsletters, our Dining Out functions are much more than eating.  They are wonderful opportunities to get to know each other better, and engage in simple but meaningful socializing.  That’s why so many come early and stay late at these events.


And for those who want to dig deeper there is the Rap Group we hold on the 4th Sunday of every month.  Many members have joined the club after trying out the Rap Group, which also serves as an interface for the gay community at large. 


But for just fun there are the coffee events and card games.  Frank Angela has moved his amCoffee event to the 1st Saturday of each month beginning in March, giving it a unique position in the club’s monthly calendar.

Have Some Fun with Seattle Prime Timers!