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Word from the Chairman and Steering Committee

I was always told to add something personable to writing and your readers will be more engaged. That is one thing I love about our meetings we all get to know each other better. So where do I get my ideas for how to make stuff better, how to write a column.  I get it by standing back and observing.  I try not to make it too obvious or apparent.  There are times I am waiting for something, so rather than stew about being delayed, I really try to observe.  It is interesting that hat someone is wearing. Or the shoes. Or how much they are into talking to each other, and others are just into their own world oblivious to anything going on around them.

My latest observation, which to me is a bit alarming - I just finished reading a section on Ethics. The best way to summarize what I read is, as one professor said in an earlier class, “the more ethics training we give, the less ethical people become.”

We had a great potluck this month, thank you for everyone that came.  I am mentioning this since we are planning to have our Christmas Holiday event at Plymouth Church this year. December 21, same Saturday of the Month, same time.  If you would like to help us plan the details of this event such as food, decorations and entertainment, please come to our steering committee meeting November 10, at Dennis’s and Bruce’s place.  They are near Capitol Hill.  We would like to have some additional input as we make selections on food and other preparations.

We have many events going on in November, please try to contact the host if you are thinking of going, before the due date, it makes them feel much better. And we understand this is Seattle, there is something great and interesting going on all the time, and we have to make choices.  And sometimes we have to make choices that are not in our best self-interest and result in greater joy and happiness to many people.

Thanks for reading,

The Steering Committee