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Physical Address (Required):  _______________________________________

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Mailing Address:  ________________________________________________

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Dues are ___ $25.00 annually or ___$35.00 for newsletters via email.
Dues renew January 1st of each year and will be pro-rated on a quarterly basis for those joining during the year.

I will not hold Seattle Prime Timers or its Steering Committee, Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church, or any venue used for a Seattle Prime Timers activity liable for any injuries or accidents incurred during or as a result of Seattle Prime Timers activities.  Seattle Prime Timers distributes a membership roster to its active members.

Birthday (month/day)__________/__________ Year (opt.) __________     I am over 21 years of age.

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Seattle Prime Timers

For Mature Gay Men and their Friends


Please print this Application [use Ctrl-P], fill it out, and mail it with your check to:


Seattle Prime Timers, PO Box 75651, Seattle, WA  98175-0651

Text Box: Where did you hear about Seattle Prime Timers? ______________________________________________________
Text Box: Circle  any seven (7) of the following special interests.  Codes will be provided on the membership roster and you will receive a copy of the code sheet.  You may desire to contact people who have the same interests as you.

AN- Antiques

BG -Board Games

BR- Bridge

CG- Card Games

CO – Companionship

DO- Dining Out

E- Erotica/Video (X-rated)

G – Gardening


L – Literature

MG – Massage

MV – Movies Out

OR – Outreach / Charity

RE – Reading

SF – Science / Science Fiction

SKI – Skiing

SW – Swimming

BA –Ballet

BI –Bisexuality

BT- Boating

CK- Cooking

CP- Computers

DP- Dancing

EB- Exchanging Books/Videos

GB – Gay Bars

LT – Long Term Relationships

MP – Music – Participating

N – Nudism

P – Photography

S – Spirituality

SH – Shopping

SO- Sports, Observing

SX – Sex oriented events

TC – Telephone Conversations

BC –Bicycling

BO- Bingo

BW- Bowling

CM- Camping

D -Serious Dating

DT – Day Trips

F- Flea Markets

GE – Gay Events

M- Music – Attending

MU – Museums

O – Opera

R – Rap/Discussion

SC – Socializing

SKA – Skating

SP – Sports, Playing

T – Theater

TR – Travel   W – Walking