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SEAMEC and LGBTQ Political Power Since 1977

by Roger L. Winters


When I was 32, in 1977, I helped start SEAMEC. Recently, at 75, I re-joined the SEAMEC Steering Committee.† Why?


In 1977, Anita Bryant and anti-LGBTQ forces were very active in American politics. In Seattle, a few activists envisioned SEAMEC. They wanted Gay and Lesbian people ready in case of an attack on local civil rights laws. SEAMEC registered 3,000 new voters and interviewed, rated, and reported on where candidates for city offices stood on the concerns of the Lesbian/Gay community.


The first evaluation committee, 11 men and women*, had to figure out what the issues were that mattered to Gays and Lesbians. They then had to find out where candidates really stood on them.


The committee interviewed most of the candidates. The Steering Committee issued the official report, with ratings and endorsements. SEAMEC volunteers and supporters got behind endorsed candidates, adding numbers and dollars to their campaigns. The LGBTQ community became a force in Seattle politics.


After a couple more years on the Steering Committee, I became a SEAMEC user. Like thousands of other voters, I look for SEAMECís report before I cast my ballot. All other things being equal, how candidates stand on the concerns of LGBTQ people is THE deciding factor in how I vote.


Now called the Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee, SEAMEC remains a non-partisan, volunteer driven activity. SEAMEC has built a system to evaluate, interview, and rate candidates for political and judicial offices based on their knowledge and record of support for LGBTQ issues.


Iím giving SEAMEC some time and attention because I still believe it is important for our community. I hope youíll support SEAMEC with a donation, at or with a check to ďSEAMEC, 1122 Pike St, #901, Seattle, WA 98102.Ē If you can, volunteer to help later this year in the candidate evaluation process.


SEAMECís Board meets next on February 3 at its office at 12th and Pike at 7:00 pm. If youíre an activist looking for a way to help, attend that meeting.


Please come to the next Community Meeting on March 7th at 3:00 pm at the Capitol Hill branch of the Seattle Public Library. Share your input as we discuss the key issues of 2020 and the candidate rating work ahead.†


Roger L. Winters


January 25, 2020

*Ginny Lambert (Co-Chair), Roger Winters (Co-Chair), Lamar Faulkner, Greg Steeve, Sandy Kucera, Greg Kucera, Karen Bosley, Dan Haslett, Tim Mayhew, John Forderhase, and one other person.

Check out Rogerís 2014 Interview at: